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What is lamp harp or lamp shade harp?

A lamp harp or lampshade harp is a flexible and U-shaped part that fit over a lamp’s light bulb, simultaneously protecting the bulb and providing a support for lamp shades. Generally, a harp’s base is attached to the lamp beneath the bulb.
The lamp shade harp’s flexible arms are then connected to the base, completing a rigid loop upon which shades, finials, and other decorative pieces can be mounted.
We offer both regular and heavy duty lamp shade harps as well as spare harp bottoms and harps that are intended for use with metal harp cups.
Our regular lamp shade harps, which are available with either brass, nickel or brass-plating, range in size from 4” to 15”, while our heavy duty harps, which are also available in brass, nickel and brass plating, come in sizes between 7” and 15”.


How to measure the lamp harp?

Lamp harps are measured from the bottom of the saddle or the middle of the both legs to the flat part below the finial post. Lamp harps are available in 1/2″ increments. Most of our lamp harps are plated in brass, nickel, chorme or antique brass plated.


How to install, replace, and adjust lamp harp? 
Lamp harp is the metal wire lamp part that typically mounts below the lamp socket and supports your lamp shade .

If you wish to remove the lamp harp, for adjustment or replacement, first unscrew or otherwise remove the lamp finial above the lampshade, remove the shade, and gently squeeze the harp inward just above the lamp harp base.

The lamp harp locks into the lamp via notched “legs” that slide into the short slotted arms of the harp base. The squeezing “action” on the notched harp legs causes them to slip out of the slotted arms of the harp base so the lamp harp may be removed easily without the use of any tools. 



What is a lamp harp finial or lamp shade finial?

It is the highest point on the lamp. It holds the lamp shade to the lamps. 
Lamp harp finials can be either decorative or functional.

Add a beautiful lamp finial, a perfect finishing touch to your table lamp or floor lamp. 

Lamp finials are the decorative “lamp tops” that screw onto the lamp’s harp. 
They finish and balance the top of the lamp to the base. We have many lamp finials in brass, chrome, nickel plated metal, crystal, copper, poly resin and porcelain as well as some fun novelty ones. 

Our lamp finials all have a standard harp thread, called “1/4-27”. 
Threaded 1/4-27 to fit lamp harps, some also sized to fit 1/8 IP lamp pipe.


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